Funded Proposals - Why If Youre Not Using this Tool Your MLM Business Is Doomed


You are in your network marketing company to make some changes in your life, to add some additional income into your household, you may have dreams of financial independence or you can be one that wants it all and are going for the massive riches that we hear that is possible in this industry. You may be asking yourself is all of this success that is going on in this business something that I can achieve and I am here to tell you that it is attainable and using a funded proposal system will help you in more ways than you know.

In this article I will explain what a funded proposal is and how it can help you with two major problems that contribute to a lot of failure in this business. One of those problems is not making enough money in the business and the other problem is not enough people to talk to about your business.


Starting a network marketing business and taking your financial success into your own hands is a great thing to do. I think that working for yourself and owning your own life is one of the dreams that most people have. The running of a business like this can also be frustrating because of the many people that come in and eventually quit the business.


One of the reasons that people leave too soon in this business is because they are doing the business the wrong way, they are told to talk to friends and family and when that list gets thin they panic and are lost with how to get more people to talk to.


Another reason that people leave the business too soon is because after their personal list runs out the next thing that is taught is to start buying leads and cold calling them. This method does work but it comes with a price not only monetarily but it takes an emotional toll on a person with all of the rejection that is involved.


This is where the funded proposal tool comes in and helps your business and alleviates these two problems. It helps you attract leads to you so that you have more people to talk about your business. It also lets you teach and train these leads on how to market their business, this is done on a one on one basis  the training products are offered through the system and when they are purchased you get a small commission and that helps put some cash in your pocket while you are building your business.

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