Traditional Marketing Strategies – Two Of The Oldest Yet Most Effective Ways Of Building Your Networ


As network marketers your main job is to expose your products and services to as many people as you can on a consistent basis so that you can increase your chances of finding that right person for your business, when I say the right person I mean a person that has the dedication and drive to pursue the same level of success that you are looking for in your business or higher.

There are a variety of different traditional marketing strategies to use to expose your business to other people that may be interested in what you are doing. The person that gets you started in the business is usually the person that educates you on how to become a success in the company that you’re in.

The first traditional marketing strategy that is taught by most people is to use warm market prospecting techniques. The most popular warm market technique is to write a list of all of your friends and family. This is a great way of marketing your business initially; especially for new people it gives them a list of people to contact to notify them of their new business Endeavour.

This is also the point where most people have their first reality check because after the list is made they get a little nervous about letting the people most close to them know about this big dream of making lots of money by selling products and services.

Another traditional marketing strategy that is taught to market your business is a technique called the 3-foot rule, this is when you talk to any and everyone within 3 feet of you and ask them if they would like to learn about a way of making extra money. This is a technique that people have been using to build their business for many years and it’s proven to be very effective.

These traditional methods of doing business are just a couple of ways a new representative is taught to build their network marketing business. These techniques are a good start on your road to network marketing success, but with the high level of rejection that these marketing strategies consist of they also carry a low level of retention and most people quit before they give themselves a good chance at success.

The internet is becoming very popular with building your network marketing business, new sets of techniques and strategies are being used to build successful network marketing businesses. One of the things that the internet helps with in network marketing is the rejection factor, people are able to prospect and not get shot down with a bunch of no’s. They are able to stay in the game a lot longer until they start having success.

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